Snohomish County Doula - Loving and supporting local birthing families

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The natural, unmedicated hospital birth of our second child was everything I hoped - totally supported, beautiful, empowering and full of healing after experiencing disappointment and regret over my first birth. I credit much of that to our amazing doula! Chloe was my comfort, reassurance and peaceful voice in the midst of all my fear, freeing my husband to be my strong and loving husband.... Chloe has not only been called to help women and families, she has been blessed with a gift. Her demeanor is calm, joyful, comforting, relatable and honest. Our first meeting felt like I was chatting with a long lost friend. She truly loves this work, loves helping women and families, and wants to make the world a more peaceful place by supporting them during the amazing transition of birthing a baby

We met with Chloe and one other doula but immediately felt drawn to her calm demeanor...After weeks of trying everything baby just wouldn't budge and I was scheduled for a csection. I was totally overwhelmed with losing our desires birth experience and terrified on major surgery. Chloe was so supportive, she was willing to come sit with me and talk it over before the surgery. Chloe met us at the hospital the morning of the procedure and her presence was invaluable! She stayed with us in the waiting room and kept me calm. Our hospital only allows one support person in the OR but Chloe was able to talk with the nurse, doctor and anesthesiologist and was able to join us in the OR. It was so amazing to have her in the OR, she was able to stay with me and keep me focused while all the crazy was going on around me. ...Long story short I LOVED having Chloe as a part of our team. If/when we decide to have more children Chloe will be one of our first calls!


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