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Folk Harp
My beautiful Dusty Strings folk harp has done so many amazing things with me. Together, we have played beautiful brides down the aisle, comforted grief-stricken families at memorial services, brought peace to stressful hospital rooms, and created a musical background of loveliness at restaurants and women's events.  I keep my prices very reasonable, and love to talk about how live harp music can make everything better.


Playing the harp is a joyful experience; learning harp should be joyful and nurturing to the spirit as well.  As a harp teacher, I strive to adapt each session to my student's desires, working to increase knowledge and skill through each individual's goals and style.

I teach harp lessons at my home in Lake Stevens for low rates; just $40/month for weekly half-hour lessons.  I have a student harp for use here, as well. 

 Sometimes, families like the idea of a child taking harp lessons, but do not want to commit to purchasing an instrument right away.  For an introduction, I love to teach a weekly harp "experience;" no at-home instrument or practicing required!  These are joyful, playful times that bring in real music learning, with lots of exploration on the harp.



The above pictures were taken by my wonderfully talented husband, Jeff...he does family and individual portrait sessions, too!  You can contact him at

Chloe Wilcox

"...through the harmony of the Lord's love, mercy, and grace, we have assurance of joy..."
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