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Gentle Harmony Birth Support
 I was recently asked by a pregnant Momma what my philosophy as a doula was.  It is so simple, really:  The Mother is in charge.  My job is to "hold her space," making sure that her needs and desires are heard, ensuring that she feels loved and supported during her labor and birth, and helping her get any information that she needs.  My goal is to have every act and word on my part be in harmony with the goals of the parents.  I'm here to help.

Doulas bring so many benefits to laboring mothers!

In general, when a doula attends a labor and birth, these benefits come with her:

*Labor Length reduced by 25%
*use of Pitocin reduced by 40% 
*Epidural and other pain medications reduced by 60%
*Increased feeling of satisfaction about childbirth
*Greater success rate in breastfeeding
*Easier adjustment to new family dynamics
*Feeling of empowerment
*Decreased risk of Post-Partum Depression

 About Me:
*Trained at Bastyr University, June, 2013
*Completed Certification with DONA in November of 2014
*Have attended hospital and home births
*Birthed my own three beautiful babies naturally; two in hospitals, one in a birth center

You can check my availability right now here. 
 Would you like me to help you as you bring your precious baby into the world?

Please feel free to call me to schedule a free, no-pressure, no-obligation meet-and-greet interview!  It is so important to make sure that the doula you choose is someone who makes you feel loved and comfortable.  Once we have met, and you decide to hire me as your doula, you can expect:

*Two to three prenatal meetings, going over your birth plan and coping strategies.  I want to make sure that I have a good sense of how to help you best.

*Unlimited, anytime support by phone or email.  I'm here to help!

*Access to my lending library; it's still small, but it's good and it's growing!

*Early labor support, in your home, if you wish

*Accompaniment to the hospital or birth center

*Continuous attendance during your labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum period.  

*One Postpartum visit (more if needed).

I charge a flat fee of $650 for the above services. My goal is to keep my fee low so that every woman who wants a doula has the opportunity to have one. 

Chloe Wilcox, CD(DONA)
Certified Birth Doula, Folk Harpist
"...through the harmony of the Lord's love, mercy, and grace, we have assurance of joy..."
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